Mardegan Legno

Premium hand crafted timber flooring

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Passion for wood is transmitted from father to son; it is an ancient artisan experience made of knowledge, pleasure and taste for beauty and high quality. We follow our wood in every step of the process, from sawing to long and accurate drying, seasoning, manufacturing and lacquering. Every production stage at Mardegan Legno undergoes careful quality control by master craftsmen. Every order for flooring is given our fullest attention, managed and produced individually: “custom-made” just like a tailored suit.

Even the smallest details are scrutinized, giving uniqueness to each of our finished products. The Mardegan family has always been highly concerned about respect for Nature. This is why we have always used wood in a responsible way. Even today, after years in the business, we are aware that wood is a precious asset. We continue to rigorously maintain this value. Here at Mardegan Legno nothing ever gets thrown away! All process waste is carefully separated, making firewood, sawdust for pellets and fuel for our own winter heating of our various departments as well as to operate our machinery.

The special care for manufactures and especially the use of materials free of toxic or harmful substances for the assembly of the various parts such as supports, adhesives and finishing treatments, allow Mardegan Legno to have all the most recent and strict regulations such as the CE marking (EN 14342 : 2005 + A1-2008) and the product sheet expected by the various laws on information to consumers.